Magic Nations - Guide

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Magic Nations - Guide

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The first thing you do in the game is to check out the tutorial
Going from the beginning - the cards have several numbers.
Top speed, then attack, hit points, and defense.
Defense or armor is an addition to hit points. They determine how much damage your card can withstand.
The attack is how much your card deals (add any special effects if the card has them).
Speed is responsible for the initiative of the cards, which is the order in which they attack.

Cards may have specific abilities, but we'll get to that.
At the very beginning of the game, I recommend filling the decks with the best cards and removing the weak ones to increase the likelihood of the better ones appearing.

You can get more cards on the market when you reach level 5. The higher you level up the more gold you will earn in the game.

Fast, with good ranged units, brilliant arrow resistances, and a few cards resistant to high damage (golem, spar). They can accelerate with each round, which makes you either immune or dead. Few can heal your allies.

Slow, with huge damage, units with a massive attack action. It is worth paying attention to berserkers (high damage plus counterattacks), boar riders (their counterattack is faster than the opponent's attack, it works very well), and the chieftain (summons cards) or wiverns or dragons who have a huge initiative and their attack is practically a certainty powerful. They also have cards that allow you to steal cards from your enemy deck, which is important to keep in mind.

The easiest nation in the game so far thanks to a special ability. They cannot be countered unless the doubling card is female. They are powerful in ranged attacks (amazons on monuments) but thanks to seductresses they are practically invincible. Seducers are immune to melee attacks and work in the first line, blocking access to shooters. I know from experience that a few seductresses are a real exodus for opponents. You should equip yourself with support for shooters in the fight.

Most tanks, good damage, and a lot of additional skills useful in decimating the second line. Great with setting up hidden traps.

Fast deliveries of subsequent cards, they get support very quickly, but also good damage with weaponry. Few knights have 50 % resistance to arrows. They have a card that can see what type of opponents ‘cards in hand. The king of Humans card can perform 2 counter-effects in a single battle. Keep in mind if you use a "Discover" card you can see enemy cards in your hand. IF it's your card turn.

The army of the dead. Some of them their attacks cause poisoned to enemy units. Skeleton Archer is 100 % resistance arrows. A card name Necromancers can transform dead cards from battlefield to zombie or Armed Sharpshooter. They are immune to poison and sleep attacks so the effect does not work on them.

A few tips for the game
[*] Don't forget to add one new card to your battlefield when your turn is up.
[*] Always look at the card speed to know who is attacking who and when your move.
[*] Pay attention to the specialties of the enemy cards so that you don't get surprised.
[*] Don’t place an effect minion that throws a spear at the start of a match or you will lose the effect. When it is your turn and place the card to the field then the card will use his effect.
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